Romantic Cocktails is the title of the new book penned by Birmingham craft bartender and author Clair McLafferty. But the name is a bit of a misnomer. Though the cocktails are organized under categories like “new love and crushes,” “breakups and broken hearts,” or “engagements and weddings,” the cocktails are more versatile than the title suggests. McLafferty sat down for a Q and A to discuss everything there is to love about cocktails in time for Valentine’s Day.

Forbes: "How did this book come about?"

McLafferty: “I’ve been very fortunate both of my cocktail books have been pitched to me by my publisher, and originally, this book was supposed to be called “Aphrodisiac Cocktails.” It was not quite as classy a focus, and I have never spent as much time on pickup artist websites as I did when researching that topic, and I never want to do that again.”