We all have them—those certain articles of clothing that despite freshly coming out of the laundry—still stink. It’s such a common issue with modern performance-based fabrics that former pro-athlete turned entrepreneur, Drew Westervelt, decided to make it his mission to solve this dilemma. In the process he inadvertently disrupted the laundry detergent category.

Westervelt launched HEX in 2016, with a small business loan and a modest pro-lacrosse salary to live off. His goal: the first-of-its-kind, eco-friendly, vegan, anti-stink laundry detergent for both synthetic and cotton fabrics.

“HEX didn’t start as a laundry product. The initial vision was a product to clean and protect athletic facilities from MRSA and Staph infections. This idea lead us to search for new and innovative cleaning technologies that were capable of deep cleaning and protecting regrowth on a number of surfaces like synthetics, plastics, rubbers, metals, and textiles. While working on a commercial product, an "aha" moment hit me. I realized that activewear is plastic and I may have uncovered a solution for my sports laundry as a pro athlete. Like we hear from our customers, I tried the HEX solution on my activewear and it just worked”, Westervelt tells me of how came up with the idea.