Bleecker Street is getting cheesier. Murray's Cheese, which operates an iconic specialty cheese shop and neighboring wine and cheese bar will be expanding with Murray’s Mac and Cheese, a chef-driven macaroni and cheese concept, showcasing a range of Murray's gooey, creamy and stinky offerings.

Macaroni noodles, however, will not be present, as Murray’s has partnered with Brooklyn-based pasta maker Sfoglini, to exclusively use the brand's radiator-shaped pasta in all of the new mac and cheese offerings. Made from organic durum semolina and water, the dried pasta is tightly spun with nooks and ruffled edges to best grasp the warm cheese sauces (plus add-ons) and balance every bite.

Executive Chef David Elkins has created a mac menu for all occasions, ranging from a buffalo chicken mac made with local New York cheddar and blue cheese, plus buffalo sauce and ranch to the weekend brunch special, a breakfast-inspired pasta with cheddar, bacon, sausage and egg. Murray's Classic Mac, currently served at Murray's Cheese Bar, will, of course, be on the menu. All mac offerings will be customizable with a range of cheese, veggie, meat, sauce and crispy toppings, including burrata, 'nduja, roasted tomatoes, prosciutto and much more, so you can create your own dream cheese plate in warm pasta form.


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