You know the name and you have seen his highlights.

Duke's freshman sensation Zion Williamson has been a walking highlight reel for the past few years. Long before the 6'7", 285 pound 18 year-old donned a Blue Devils' jersey, Zion shocked and wowed social media audiences with in-game dunks and highlight reels that looked as if they came right out of a video game.

The North Carolina native was ranked first in his recruiting class by, and it was clear that his sheer size and talent would make him an equal threat at the collegiate level as he had been through his high school and AAU runs, and at only 19 games into the season, Zion has managed to live up the hype.

Now the 18 year-old is the odds-on favorite to be taken first in the 2019 NBA Draft, and to little surprise, many pro franchises are fully engaged the annual race to the bottom for a better shot at landing what could be the most exciting draft prospect since LeBron James.


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