New York is not exactly flush with hot pot-style restaurants, and those that do exist, like Mister Hotpot in Brooklyn and Hou Yi in the East Village, are modest, all-you-can-eat spots.Zhen Wei Fang, on the other hand, brings a unique, even extravagant style to the genre, starting with a Mandarin-speaking greeter that happens to be a big white robot.

The 170-seat room dazzles with Crayola colors, set on two levels, with swirling psychedelic videos and Avatar landscapes while pop music (not too loud) thrums in the background.Four huge TVs are showing Jackie Chan singing, without sound. There are three semi-enclosed rooms above the main dining area that are delightful with a party of four or more. Zhen Wei Fang’s owner, Wei Chen, is out to tantalize all your senses, not just your sense of taste.Zhen means “finest,” wei means “delicious.” Chef Wei Huang, from Guangdong, oversees both the New York and the original Miami locations.


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