Tesla Motors has announced prices are going up across a wide range of the electric automaker's vehicle lineup. In total, according to a blog posted on Tesla's website, the increase will be an average of 3% worldwide and spread out across the Model S luxury sedan, Model X crossover, and higher priced variants of the Model 3, Tesla's current entry-level model. Sales of the standard Model 3, which carries a base price of $35,000, are said to be excluded from the price hike, however.

It's unclear whether this price increase will have any impact on the Model Y, Tesla's upcoming small SUV that will be unveiled on March 14. Based on the same platform as the Model 3, it's widely expected the Model Y will share the same electric powertrains and options as its sedan sibling. Pricing for the Model Y, while still speculative at this point, is expected to be slightly higher than that of the Model 3.


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