Many people dream of quitting their day jobs to spend all their time traveling the world. For most people, this dream isn’t realistic — after all, you need to have a source of income to travel.

The Longnecker family always wanted to travel, but parents Ashley and Jonathan weren’t sure how to make it work. With four kids, it would be hard to find the money to visit foreign locations.

But in 2015, then 36-year-old Ashley had an idea. The homeschooling mom saw other parents who took their kids on the road full-time, and she was intrigued by the idea. Instead of just teaching her kids about the rest of the country, she could show it to them. Jonathan was immediately on board.

The Longneckers sold their 2,7000-square-foot home and purchased a 350-square-foot trailer. They left behind their suburban life and made their way into the wilderness. After a year of living in the RV, they wanted something smaller — so they bought an Airstream and renovated it.