For Easter, I made a pinhole camera out of a chocolate Easter egg. In this 5-minute video and article, I’ll show you how it’s done.

What You Will Need

How to Make It

The main challenges were it melting, cracking and light leaks around the seal.

After purchasing the chocolate egg and eating the contents, I kept it in the freezer until it was nice and hard.

When I was happy it wasn’t going to melt too quickly, I cut a small hole in one half.

Over this hole, I placed a thin strip of aluminum with a pinhole in it. I kept the egg in the freezer again until I was ready to put it together.

In a darkroom, I quickly and gently lined the two egg halves together with some B&W Ilford MGIV Photographic paper between them both. The pinhole was held in place with some black tape and 2 elastic bands held it all together, I then lightly wrapped the egg foil back around to reduce the amount of light getting in between the halves.