Clouds are an important part of landscape photography – in case you want to shoot truly amazing landscapes, you certainly have to pay special attention to clouds and their shapes and colors.

According to the World Meteorological Organization's International Cloud Atlas, there are 10 basic types of clouds. Knowing these types can be useful in case you want to be able to recognize them and know what type of weather you can expect from each of them.

Now that you know what these cloud types look like, you can enjoy the following 25 beautiful examples of cloud photography!

Learning And Applying Advanced Composition Will Elevate Your Photographs

Advanced Composition – will ensure you create images that pop. You'll get more out of your photography and start taking images that will truly capture your creative vision. If you’d like to improve your composition skills and learn concepts that go beyond the ‘rule of thirds’, do take a look at Kent DuFault’s guide Advanced Composition.