Bangkok (CNN) — With its talcum powder-soft, white sand beaches, turquoise sea and exquisite food, Thailand is at the top of many a holiday wishlist.

The fourth most popular holiday destination in the world, the country received a record 38.3 million tourists in 2018 and collected $62 billion in tourism revenue.

But how many of those visitors get the authentic experience of daily life in the country?

In 2012 Somsak Boonsam established Local Alike, a company which promotes "community-based tourism." Via its online platform, Local Alike offers tourists the chance to leave the resorts and visit over 100 communities, from hill tribes to fishing villages.

His aim is to address the current inequality by generating employment and funneling tourism dollars "to the people who need it most," while giving tourists the chance to "have new experiences and make personal connections with local people."