In his 30s, Howie Mandel was diagnosed with high cholesterol.

“I was running seven miles a day, I felt like, I’m active, I eat well, I’m not overweight. I felt amazing, so those two words, ‘high cholesterol,’ didn’t mean anything to me. So much so that I was prescribed a statin [a class of drugs prescribed to help lower cholesterol levels], and I could feel the side effects of the statin, I just went off of it without telling the doctor,” Mandel admits to AskMen.

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The year following his diagnosis, the now 63-year-old comedian returned for his routine physical. “The doctor goes, ‘How is that possible? You’re on that statin that I gave you and now I’m really concerned because your cholesterol has almost doubled and how is that even possible?’” he recalls. “And then I had to say sheepishly, ‘Well I just stopped taking it.’ ‘Well why would you do that?’ ‘Well I didn’t like the way it made me feel.’ ‘Well why didn’t you tell me you didn’t like the way it made you feel and I would have had you try another one.’ I didn’t know that.”