Cheating is a complicated thing.

While there are lots of generalized things that constitute cheating, people approach them in different ways. For some, the worst thing you could do is have an emotional affair, while for others, secret feelings would be much less bad than actual sex. There are also things like one-night stands, paying sex workers, secret sexting, and even microcheating.

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In short, there’s no one-size-fits-all definition to cheating. The real truth of cheating is that the person who’s been cheated on knows that they have because their partner’s actions left them feeling shocked, betrayed and vulnerable.

But whatever you consider to be cheating, one thing everyone probably agrees on is they don’t want it to happen in their relationship. Particularly, you don’t want the other person to cheat, but rare is the person who begins a relationship hoping they themselves will be the one to cheat. And yet, it happens every day to someone.