For some, Taco Bell’s world-famous nacho fries are as elusive as a unicorn. But starting on Thursday, you actually have a chance to get your hands on an order of spicy nacho fries.

If you’ve been wondering what’s been missing from your life — or at least on Taco Tuesdays — it could be the Bell’s nacho fries. The self-proclaimed “brand that changed the fries game” has released its fries at various points throughout the past year, ever since first debuting in January 2018. The minds behind Taco Bell's ingenious new flavored fries have decided to favor the American people once again with the gift of savory potatoes and nacho cheese.

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Nacho fries will be back for a limited time. Along with the return of the nacho fry, Emmy Award-winning artist Darren Criss is also dropping a hot new track called “Love of my Life,” from “Chasing Gold.” The trailer details all of the reasons why – like the mythical unicorn – Taco Bell's nacho fries are simply out of this world.