7 Reasons Why Low-Maintenance Friendships Are The Best

What is a low-maintenance friend?

It’s the person you don’t need to call on a regular basis to know what they’re up to. It’s the person who, despite moving far away, remembers how important you are to them even though your relationship might be changing.

It’s the person you don’t get angry at when you don’t hear from each other in a long time, but once you get together it’s as if you’ve seen each other yesterday.

Let us celebrate this special friendship by looking at 7 reasons why low-maintenance friendships are the best!

1. You encourage each other

You may not find interest in what they like or how they spend their time, but you’re happy that they have a hobby/passion that fulfills them. In a similar fashion, they don’t always share the same enthusiasm as you for some things but they’re glad that you have found someone to love who does.