Poor WiFi connections can lead to some major headaches. Troubleshooting routers, counting those damned blinking lights, color coding them, or digging into the firmware to find out what the heck is wrong is one that many men and women would be more than happy to leave in the dust. In fact, many would choose better WiFi over sex, according to a new survey.

The recent Google survey included questions concerning these common complaints and gripes. What wasn't as apparent, however, was just how seriously the average consumer takes their home or office WiFi connection.

Some of the survey results are even a bit shocking. Almost one-third – or 32 percent – of those asked whether or not they would give up sex for a month in order to remain free of WiFi bugs said yes. And, workers from all walks of life admitted that they would sacrifice two vacation days on the altar of the internet gods if it meant a solid network connection sans frustration.